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The continent of Australia has a unique depth of fauna not found anywhere else in the world. As well as the native wildlife, colonisation and modernisation has introduce many non indigenous species in to Australia from around the world, some of which have done too well and have reached plague proportion, often threatening, if not having already wiped out various native species.

How often is it that as you travel around Australia, you say… what do koala eat? Our aim here is not to reproduce the myriad of information that is available in print and on the internet for the web of life, but to provided some general information, with images of living plants that can be found here in Australia, which will offer an insight into what is Australia… enjoy…

Following is our index of fauna listed here in Ausemade… come back as we include information from our archives and add new content.

Check out our Birds Index for the current full list of birds on our website (more to be added over time).

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