Welcome to my gallery. My Aboriginal name is Thanguwa (pronounced Thu-ng-oo-wu), and my people are the Luritja (Southern Dialect) community. I also go by the English name of Trephina Sultan.

I have been creating my artwork and selling them here in Alice Springs for many years. Whilst I am now based in Darwin, I do on occasion come back to Alice Springs.

Through my work, I have met many people from all over the world. It is through my work that I have made many friends. After talking with my friends, they have given me suggestions and ideas by which I can show and offer my work to a greater audience. So here it is, I have decided to go online. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Thanguwa, Trephina Sultan

My paintings are based on dreamtime stories my mother told me. I have also done a number of special commissioned works.

As I am not too familiar with the internet I am grateful to my friends to maintain this gallery. To show you my portfolio of works, my friends are displaying some of my previously sold works.

Trephina Sultan Thanguwa > Tjanpi Kampanyi | Bush Honey | Bush Tobacco | Desert Oak Bush Honey | Grass Seed | Kapi-Nguru | Kulu | Minga | Regeneration | Voices in the Wind

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