Whilst the Todd River is the main waterway through Alice Springs, there are a number of other tributaries, creeks, water channels and storm outlets that also feed into the Todd River.

Now, don’t be mistaken with these images of flowing waterways in Alice, as indeed, flowing channels, creeks and rivers are indeed a rare occurrence in Central Australia.

Chinamans Creek parallel to Bradshaw Drv, Mt Gillen in the background, 9 Jan 2010
Chinamans Creek running parallel to Bradshaw Drive, Mount Gillen in the background, 9 Jan 2010

Chinamans Creek (seen spelt as Chinaman’s Creek and also Chinaman Creek), runs parallel to Bradshaw Drive and MacDonnell Ranges (west of Heavitree Gap) and is a great sight to behold when significant water flows through, cascading over the man-made rock walls, creating the delicious sound of waterfalls.

Following images of waterways, creeks, channels Alice Springs – 9 January, 2010
These storm water drains and water channels eventually join and flow into the Todd River at Heavitree Gap.

Check out some of the views of Alice from Anzac Hill on a rainy day, water flowing through the Todd River and the water wonderland of the Ilparpa Claypans, south of the ranges.