Ellery Creek is part of the Finke River system, with Ellery Creek Big Hole being one of the largest permanent waterholes in the Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park, that offers an important source of water for the local wildlife.

Known locally as the ‘Alice Springs Beach’, it also provides a popular refreshing stop for many locals and travellers.

The Aboriginal name for Ellery Bighole is ‘Udepata’. This permanent water made it a special meeting place for the Arrernte people on the fish and honey ant dreaming trails.

Located about an hour’s drives west of Alice Springs, along Namatjira Drive, the waterhole is a great place to swim or just relax on a hot day. Swimmers should take care, as the water is deep, and during the winter, extremely cold. For your own safety, do not climb or jump from rocks.

Dingo at Ellery Creek Big Hole © Greg Sully
Dingo at Ellery Creek Big Hole © Greg Sully

The park also offers a great spot to camp, especially for those who are happy to ‘rough it’. There are wood barbecues provided, but you must bring your own wood into the park. Generators are not permitted.

Images © Ausemade PL

Source: Northern Territory Parks and reserves