Want to see what is happening where you are going in the Northern Territory? Maybe you want to include a destination in your plans, some stopover to coincide with events happening in that town?

Following are some events happening in Northern Territory. For more information, check the destination pages of the town or area you are visiting.

Make sure you contact the local visitor centre for your destination to get the low-down on what is happening in the region for the dates you plan to be there.

Some events happen at the same time throughout Australia, such as Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations, ANZAC Day, Australia Day, local markets, agricultural shows etc. Some scheduled events only have approximate dates, with some dates changing or being cancelled.

When planning your travel around events, contact the holder of the event or the local visitor centre where the event is happening to confirm the event timetable.

Also, check out the local council for your destination, as most local councils have their own website where they promote local events.