Event: 25-28 June 2021

The world’s biggest Beanie Festival is one of those iconic Alice Springs events, held during the colder months of winter, when everyone needs a beanie…

This community-based event that began in 1997 with a ‘beanie party’, organised by Adi Dunlop and friends. Over the years this wonderful event has grown with a core group of committed band of ‘beanie-ologists’, who know their beanies and a wonderful group of volunteers.

In the early years, the festival was run by a group of friends on a volunteer basis. The core group has slowly grown into a committed band of ‘beanie-ologists’. We know our beanies! The festival was organised to sell beanies crocheted by Aboriginal women in remote communities. It has grown into a fun event where Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal artists share their culture and exhibit together. It now attractions beanies and visitors from around the world.

Alice Springs Beanie Festival

The festival is unique, because of the incredible amount of community participation and their close ties with local Aboriginal organisations. The festival’s aims have always been to develop Aboriginal women’s textiles, promote women’s culture and the beanie as a regional art form, as well as promote handmade textile arts. Workshops and demonstrations are held over the weekend with a chance to meet and interact with some of the local indigenous artists.

The competition-side of the event has entries from around the world, vying for one of the awards, providing a great way to participate, meet new friends, and enjoy a festival that is firmly on many peoples calendar of events. The events and competition are often around a them such as: Colours of the Country; My Journey; Mukata, Mukati, Muna! Beanies From All Around; A Head Full of Love; Earth Wind Fire Water; Old Stories New Yarns.

With over 5,000 head-warmers up for grabs, you have to be quick to purchase a couple of unique beanies for yourself.

Volunteers are also welcomed and you can meet new friends and enjoy a very special festival. With thousands and thousands of head-warmers up for grabs, you have to be quick to purchase a couple of unique beanies for yourself.

The opening celebrations include a line-up of entertainment, parade of winning beanies and some great camaraderie, the ‘Alice Springs Beanie Festival’ is a permanent feature on many peoples calendar and a must see for visitors to Alice Springs.

Images © Ausemade PL

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