As you travel through the West MacDonnell Ranges, west along Namatjira Drive, pass the Point Howard Lookout, there is a great lookout and rest stop. (Please if you do stay or stop for a leg stretch, take your rubbish away with you.)

The Neil Hargrave Lookout
The Neil Hargrave Lookout

This is a great stop on-route passing Ellery Creek Big Hole and before the Ochre Pits turnoff. The Lookout has spectacular views over Burt Plain. The region is characterised by plains and low rocky ranges. The vegetation being predominantly mulga and other acacia woodlands, short grasses and forbs, and spinifex grasslands. During certain times of the year, there has been seen growing a number of wildflower species growing up on the Lookout.

Continuing on your way from the Neil Hargrave Lookout takes you to other amazing locations including Ochre Pits, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen Gorge.

The Neil Hargrave Lookout
The Neil Hargrave Lookout

This lookout commemorates the valuable contributions made to the Northern Territory by Nathaniel Charles (Neil) Hargrave. OBE, BA, LLB.

Mr Hargrave was born in Adelaide in 1915 and qualified as a lawyer before serviing in the RAAF during World War Two. He moved to Alice Springs in 1949.

He was elected to the Northern Territory Legislative Council in May 1954 where he made major contributions to the Northern Territory’s constitutional status and eventual self government. He also advocated government action for conservation of natural and historic places, leading to legislation which resulted in the formation of the Reserves Board (now the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission).

In June 1956 Mr. Hargrave was appointed the first Chairman of the Reserves Board and served in this capacity until he left the Territory in 1963. He personally identified many areas worthy of conservation, including such sites as the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and areas here in the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Source: Signage at The Neil Hargrave Lookout

View from the Neil Hargrave Lookout
View from the Neil Hargrave Lookout, West MacDonnell Ranges, NT.

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