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The Olive Pink Botanic Garden is an Arid Zone Botanic Garden in the Northern Territory, named after Miss Olive Pink.

Olive Pink was an extraordinary individual, who contributed to the development of the field of anthropology. She arrived in Central Australia in 1930, and lived with the Aboriginal people in the Tanami Desert. She studied the Arrernte and Walpiri people and was a great advocate of Aboriginal rights and campaigned vigorously for the rights of the Aboriginal People.

As an accomplished artist, she later lived in Alice Springs and was the visionary force behind the development of the first arid zone botanic garden in the southern hemisphere.

Today, visitors can find out more information about Olive Pink and the continuing work in developing and caring for the botanic garden.

Ghost gum / Ilwempe (Corymbia aparrerinja), Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Ghost gum / Ilwempe (Corymbia aparrerinja), Olive Pink Botanic Garden

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Olive Pink Botanic Garden has hosted a number of events over time, including a number of “art in the park” style of exhibitions. You can see some previously displayed artworks (some are on permanent display such as the Emu by artist Al Bethune).

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