Olive Pink Botanic Garden

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Set against the wonderful backdrop of the MacDonnell Ranges, the botanic garden home to a range of local and regional flora, with some forming part of the Indigenous cornucopia of bush medicine and bush tucker.

An arid zone botanic garden, the Olive Pink Botanic Garden is on the east side of the Todd River and close to the East MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory.

We will be bringing for you some of our flora images from our many visits and interaction at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.

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Batswing Coral Tree | Bush Hibiscus | Bush Plum | Caper Bush | Dead Finish | Heart-leaved Frankenia | Mulga | Pink Fire-bush | Potato Bush | Red-Bud Mallee | Sturt’s Desert Rose | Tall Saltbush | Wild Tomato | Wire-leaf Mistletoe

More information and images coming soon…