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Australia as a destination offers the first time visitor and repeat traveller a huge range of options depending on your interests. Whether you want to just visit the major cities or something more back to nature, have a coastal beach holiday, or an inland experience, maybe an guided tour or an adventure tour, there is sure to be something for everyone.

View from Mount Kosciuszko, NSW
View from Mount Kosciuszko, NSW, Australia.

There is of course a great number of festivals and events, with some established iconic annual events that attract the dedicated, dare we say the hard core addict, to come year after year.

Come back to us as we write up and reveal some of these activities, festivals and events here. Check out some of our archived articles and remember if you are stuck for choice, contact the visitor centre for your particular destination.

Aerial view over Tasman Island, Tasmania, Australia
Aerial view over Tasman Island, Tasmania, Australia.

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