Mutonia Sculpture Park
Alberrie Creek would have dropped off the map, if it wasn’t for the creative genius of Robin ‘Mutoid’ Cooke, a former mechanic that became an artist.

As you travel the Oodnadatta Track from Marree, the first glimpse will be two strange almost cross like structures in the distance. Indeed they take on religious overtones, until you approach closer, when the structures reveal themselves in all their glory, aircrafts standing on their end. Welcome to Mutonia Sculpture Park.

Mutonia Sculpture Park, Alberrie Creek (Oodnadatta Track), SA
Mutonia Sculpture Park, Alberrie Creek (Oodnadatta Track), SA

Your entry is through Kombi Gate, a classic symbol of outback travel in years gone by. All around are alien creations, but strangely familiar…

For the photographer both amateur and professional, there is much to capture along the Oodnadatta Track, from the vast sand and gibber plains, sand dunes, salt lakes and tableland dotted with flat top mesas. There are rocky outcrops, the Willouran Ranges near Marree and the Peake and Denison Ranges in the north. Another unique feature are the mound springs, fed by the Great Artesian Basin. Then there are the desert flora and fauna, from our wonderful native species (keep your eyes open for the Goulds Goanna) to the non-native species, such as camels and date palms.

Oodnadatta Track (between Marree and Alberrie Creek)
From gibber plains, sand country and flat top mesas – the Oodnadatta Track (between Marree and Alberrie Creek)