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Backyard Wildlife

No matter how large or small your backyard is, there is bound to be something passing through or living there. The excitement to be had by young children, to see a possum (except when they nest in your roof) in their back yard, or maybe a python curled around your balcony or frogs enjoying your toilet bowl… (ewww…).

Of course you lucky ones that live next door a nature reserve, bush land or national park, are more likely to see wildlife up close.

For the city slicker living in towns and city suburbs and who call the city landscape their backyard, some wildlife have adapted to the changing conditions and environment, from possums in your local reserves and parks, kookaburras that sit on the balconies of home units, and Peregrine falcons seen flying around the central business district, there is bound to be something in your backyard.

Check out our wildlife living in the backyard… and come back as we add more images from people’s backyard.

Lined Firetail Skink (Morethia ruficauda)

Floral Emblems of Australia

Do you know what the floral emblems of Australia are? Check out our information on Australia’s floral emblems for states, territories and nationally.

Sturt's Desert Rose (Gossypium sturtianum
Sturt’s Desert Rose (Gossypium sturtianum) – floral emblem of the Northern Territory


Check out some of our amazing wildflowers to be found in Australia, with more being added, including Wildflowers of Central Australia and Mass Wildflower Displays.

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Wildflowers, Australia