Held 3rd Saturday of August

The world famous boat race is an annual event held on the Todd River. All that is needed for this madcap event, is a dry riverbed, plenty of bottomless boats, plenty of frivolity and laughter, and the human kind of ‘horse power’. Starting with the parade at 11 am up Todd Mall, with contestants showing off their boats, the Henley-on-Todd provides a nautical madcap day of entertainment, finishing with the traditional ‘Battle of the Boats’.

The only time the boat race may not run to schedule is if the Todd River is flowing, as happened in 1993, when there was too much water in the Todd River and the event had to be cancelled due to flooding! It has also been cancelled due to the viral wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately the 2021 60th Anniversary celebration has been cancelled until 2022.

More information to come…

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Henley on Todd Regatta

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