Celebrating their 50th anniversary
– Images from the Henley on Todd Regatta 2011

Held in the heart of Australia in Alice Springs, this iconic annual event can snare the most mature and conservative of business people, who don their alter ego or a new persona for roles such as the “Vikings” and the “Pirates” who, after a day of wonderful intermingling with us ordinary folks, will then man the battle boats for a spectacular finale in ships that are bristling with mortars and high pressure water cannons.

Every year for one day in August, the longest running “HOT” iconic Northern Territory event takes places on the sandy bed of the Todd River. From home made boats, to outrageous costumes, from little children to grand parents, from friends to lovers, from mates to work colleagues, the town of Alice comes together in a wonderful celebration and to raise money for the wonderful causes of the three Rotary Clubs based in the Alice. Run entirely on a volunteer basis, the Henley-On-Todd Regatta is a must see event in everyone’s calendar.

Photos © Ausemade PL

Photos © Henley on Todd

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