Event: 2-5 September 2021

As one of Australia’s leading nature events, the Red Centre Bird Festival has become a staple on the calendar of bird watchers and bird lovers from around Australia. The event is an annual event held in early September.

Activities are held across a number of locations including Alice Springs Sewage Ponds, Alice Springs Telegraph Station, Simpsons Gap and the Alice Springs Desert Park.

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Some of the amazing birds found in the Red Centre include iconic species Bourke’s Parrot, Dusky Grasswren, Rufous-crowned Emu-wren, Mulga Parrot and the Spinifex Pigeon.

Some of the species seen recently in the Red Centre include the Whistling Kite and the juvenile Whistling Kite, Black Falcon, Purple-backed Fairywren, Budgerigar, Black Swan, juvenile Channel-billed Cuckoo, Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Common Bronzewing, Crimson Chat, Flock Bronzewing, Orange Chat and many more.

For those new to the festival, the Alice Springs Desert Park offers a great place to view up close some of the iconic birds to be seen in the region, from the mighty Wedge-tailed Eagle, deliciously coloured Red-capped Robin, the calm Bourke’s Parrot, the striking Australian Bustard, the royal Princess Parrot, the iconic Spinifex Pigeon, among many.

The festival offers locals and visitors a range of activities for experienced birdwatchers, nature lovers and those just starting on the birding journey. Make sure you take part in photography tours, field trips, and talks from specialists.

More information from:

Red Centre Bird Festival
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/177351852452872/


Date: Thu 2 September 2021 – Sun 5 September 2021
Location: Alice Springs Desert Park
Email: asdp@nt.gov.au
Phone: (08) 8951 8788

Red Centre Bird Festival is a partnership between Birdlife Central Australia and Alice Springs Desert Park.

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