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Central Australia

Located in the heart of Australia, Alice Springs makes the perfect place to base yourself when exploring some of the many spectacular attractions in the region.

There are a number of attractions within the town and just outside the town limits, including some spectacular scenery that can be taken in with a leisurely drive along the MacDonnell Ranges.

Check out the following attractions with images from our library.


Encompassed by a breadth of lands immense in size and ancient in origins, Alice Springs is your entry point to a variety of contrasting landscapes, that also holds some of Australia’s unique and significant icons, offering unique experiences for visitors and those with plans to stay.

Alice Springs offer a number of great attractions, from those based within the town limits to those further out. In addition to those listed above, check out our listing of Alice Springs (and Central Australia) attractions:

  • Araluen Cultural Precinct | Araluen Arts Centre | Art Galleries and Theatre
    A number of fascinating attractions in one unique location, including the Araluen Arts Centre (incorporating the Albert Namatjira Gallery), Museum of Central Australia and Aviation Museum.

  • Central Australian Aviation Museum
    The museum is a celebration of the spirit, effort, and courage of the people who founded aviation in the centre of Australia. There are many displays and well-presented memorials that can be visited by the public for free.

  • Gathering Garden
    Located in the heart of town (in front of the Alice Springs Town Council), is this opened air public art and garden. Although only small, it provides a place to sit and contemplate. With trees and shrubs providing shade, this is a site of poetic beauty.

  • The Kangaroo Sanctuary
    With a mission that animals come first, the sanctuary rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned baby kangaroos back into the wild, where possible. Those who cannot be released into the wild are released on their 188 acre Sanctuary. Check there website to pre-book a tour.

  • Megafauna Central
    showcases the unique megafauna that roamed Central Australia 8 million years ago. Mega fauna displays, exhibits and interactive activity for the children.

Alice Springs Activities

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