The Birthday Waterhole is a semi-permanent pool on the Hugh River in the Tjoritja /​ West MacDonnell National Park and included as part of the Larapinta Trail, sections 4 and 5, that starts at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and ends at Mount Sonder.

There are large River Red Gums that fringe the Birthday Waterhole and playing an important ecological role, providing a refuge and habitat for waterbirds who are attracted to the waterhole for food such as desert rainbow fish, frogs and other aquatic invertebrates.

Access is by high-clearance four-wheel drive and camping is permitted.

Following are some of the flora that can be found in the area: Tar Vine (Boerhavia coccinea), Orange Spade Flower (Hybanthus aurantiacus) and Nardoo (Marsilea drummondii).

Images © Ausemade PL

Source: Northern Territory Parks and reserves