2021 Yarning Myths and Legends

– Images from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival, 2021

The world’s biggest Beanie Festival is one of those iconic Alice Springs events, held during the colder months of winter, when everyone needs a beanie…

‘Goorialla’, the Rainbow Serpent by Letisha Kirkland from Wynyard , Tasmania is the winner of the Ausemade sponsored ‘A Legend or Folktale‘ division of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival.

Crocheted and knitted wool (handspun and commercial), felted
and embellished with more wool, embroider thread and beads.

Special Mention 2021 Legend/Folktale was awarded to Otta Albina Galdames for ‘Eric the Viking’.

Chunky acrylic yarnm main bronze textured yarn for hair, yarn for horns and detail. COVID READY – Mask built in –

The 2021 Legend/Folktale division sponsors: Ausemade and Biggan Design

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