Trephina Sultan Thanguwa

A special painting created by Trephina was the commissioned work for Transplant Australia as a special gift to the Royal Patron of the World Transplant Games, Sweden, H.R.H. Prince Daniel.

On Wednesday June 1, 2011, 4 members of the Australia team, Ann Stein, Jessica Sparks, Kelly Ashley and Scott Bellingham, attended Parliament house where the Prime Minister farewelled our athletes.

Ms Gillard wished the Australian team all the best for their trip to Sweden and admired special commissioned artwork by Trephina Sultan Thanguwa, which will be a gift from the Australian Team to the Royal Patron of the World Transplant Games, Sweden, H.R.H Prince Daniel.

Regeneration (Renewed Life)

An artwork can have many meanings… it can evoke different thoughts, ideas and feelings.

There is the hidden layer known only to the artist, there is the published description, then there is the interpretation applied by the viewer.

This piece is a special commissioned work titled: Regeneration.

The background depicts country, history, heritage. The middle is all about rebirth, renewal and the continuation of life and what is important… this work allows you to apply your own meaning, and embrace what the work means for you…

To find out more about Transplant Australia, you can visit their website.