The Plume Moth (family Pterophoridae) is comprised of over 90 genera and over 1,000 species. Most of the species have wings that are divided into narrow lobes that look like feathers or “plumes” because of the long fringe scales along the lobe margins.

The Plume Moths have narrow wings that are held at right angles to their body when at rest. Their antennae are short and held out in front of their head and they have thin long legs with spines.

  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Class: Insecta
  • Order: Lepidoptera
  • Superfamily: Pterophoroidea
  • Family: Pterophoridae
  • Subfamilies:
    • Agdistinae
    • Deuterocopinae
    • Ochyroticinae
    • Pterophorinae

Footnote & References

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