The Stimson’s Python (Antaresia stimsoni) are endemic to Australia. They are a non-venomous snakes who trap and asphyxiate their prey.

The Stimson’s Python inhabit the largest environmental range of any of the Australian species of pythons. Whilst they can be found in Eucalyptus woodlands, arid shrublands, sandy plains and dune fields, it is usually in areas with isolated grouping of trees or the margins of dry water courses, termite mounds and spinifex. In the arid environments, they are found in rocky areas of outcrops and stony ranges, that provide plenty of refuge.

In the following images these were taking in the rocky area of Simpsons Gap, which has variable to no water, but is known to have frog colonies (including the Centralian Tree Frog) that are a significant prey for the python.

The Stimson’s python have a skin pattern consisting of large reddish-brown blotches against a paler background, along the body. They are however highly polymorphic (having genetic skin variation among individuals of a single species), with the pattern and coloration varying widely throughout its range.

They feed on small mammals, lizards, frogs and birds, being able to sense the body heat emanating from their prey. They also use sight and their tongue, which flicks the air for the presence of prey. The Stimson’s python are food source for birds of prey and large reptiles. Stimson’s Pythons move in a side-to-side swimming motion.

Common name
Stimsons python, Large-blotched python.

  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Squamata
  • Suborder: Serpentes
  • Family: Pythonidae
  • Genus: Antaresia
  • Species: A. stimsoni
  • Binomial name: Antaresia stimsoni