Welcome to our Guest Authors who write for our Blog section, as well as articles throughout the website. Through the blogs we hope that you get a sense of the author as a person, with passions, sensibility and their more humorous sides.

We also introduce you to some of our image contributors. Their passion for capturing and sharing our visual world is a gift indeed.

Following list of authors and contributors in alphabetical order:

Andrew Turner

Andrew is a part-time contributor, who in his own words “has a quirky sense of humour” and looks for the unusual side of things.

Da Qua

Vivienne describes herself as both a ‘solo travelling woman’ & a ‘global granny’, with children and grandchildren in Australia and New Zealand, and family in Wales. She spends extended periods connecting to the people and landscapes, capturing images and weaving these moments into memories and stories as she travels.

Dorothy L

Dorothy Latimer (aka Dorothy L) is one of our key contributors. Her passion for the natural world around us, is revealed in some of her many photographs of birds and also extends to other creatures and the natural landscape.

As revealed by Dorothy, she likes to shoot a series of photos that tell a story and shows another angle on her subject.

Her blogs include

You can check out Dorothy’s Bird List for some of the birds she has photographed.

JeLa D

In her series of blogs, JeLa D weaves her narrative with the photos from Dorothy L. This is a perfect match she says, as it allow her to have a laugh with a kindred spirit.

Koh Lin

I like to draw on life, and look at the beauty around us. There is a story everywhere.