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I am passionate about our natural world and our environment. I am passionate about looking beyond the consensus human perspective and seeing that there are countless other perspectives, equally as beautiful and equally as valuable. I am passionate about beauty … about bio-diversity … about photography!

Leaf critters © Marianne Broug
Eucalyptus leaf landscape © Marianne Broug

One of the greatest joys of macro photography has been taking photos of bugs. To see their perfection down to the tiniest detail, to interact with their extraordinary intelligence and sentience is always awing and always a privilege. I can see beauty in a small bug on the lid of the garbage bin. It knows I am there and we engage in a ‘conversation’ of sorts. It is also so very clear that it does not wish to be harmed.

Dragonfly © Marianne Broug
Tau Emerald Dragonfly (Hemicordulia Tau) macro © Marianne Broug

But I am not just a macro photographer … the world is a fascinating place … I see birds and clouds and sky and flowers and animals … I feel a thrill at seeing a bandicoot or a koala … and grab for my camera …

Drosera climbing © Marianne Broug
Climbing Sundew (Drosera planchonii) after rain © Marianne Broug

Check out my website…

Checkout Marianne Broug website and Insects of Belair National Park that include chapters of work in progress and downloadable PDFs.

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Dragonfly wings © Marianne Broug
Dragonfly wings taken against the evening sky © Marianne Broug
Cortinarius archeri © Marianne Broug
Purple Emperor Mushroom (Cortinarius archeri) © Marianne Broug
Fog path landscape © Marianne Broug
Foggy bush track in Belair National Park © Marianne Broug

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