Central Australia Wildflowers | Mass Wildflower Displays |

Throughout Australia there are a number of non-indigenous flowering plants. Some being innocently or accidentally brought to Australia, whilst others were introduced for a purpose and have escaped into the wider environment, often dominating the landscape. A number of these plants are now classified as invasive species, with efforts being made to control their expansion and growth.

In the southern parts and western parts of Australia there is a plant that puts on a striking display of purple/blue flowers. A conspicuous weed of pastures, roadsides and disturbed lands, the name Salvation Jane is innocent enough, although the other name it is known under is Paterson’s Curse.

Central Australia is also home to a number of invasive plant species. There are a number of cacti and Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) that have become major issues, with buffel grass a problem across Australia.

Following are some non-indigenous flowering plants that can be found in Central Australia.

More plants coming…