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Chalcophorotaenia is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae.

Buprestidae is a family of beetles known as jewel beetles or metallic wood-boring beetles because of their glossy iridescent colours. This family is among the largest of the beetles, with some 15,500 species known in 775 genera (as of August 2023).

The following Chalcophorotaenia beetle was found in Alice Springs (near end of life), with damage to limbs and antennae. Like many beetles, as they get old the more distal parts of their limbs and antennae dry up and break off.

This beetle was thought to be the species Chalcophorotaenia australasiae, but this has since been discounted.

Genus Chalcophorotaenia, Alice Springs NT
Beetle genus Chalcophorotaenia, Alice Springs NT
Genus Chalcophorotaenia, Alice Springs NT
Beetle genus Chalcophorotaenia, Alice Springs NT

  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Subphylum: Hexapoda
  • Class: Insecta
  • informal: Pterygotes
  • Order: Coleoptera
  • Suborder: Polyphaga
  • Superfamily: Buprestoidea
  • Family: Buprestidae
  • Subfamily: Chrysochroinae
  • Genus: Chalcophorotaenia

Footnote & References

  1. Many thanks for genus ID to Allen Sundholm, creator of Australasian Beetles Only, Facebook group,
  2. Chalcophorotaenia, Wikipedia,
  3. Buprestidae, Wikipedia,

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