Alice Springs Street Art

Alice Springs is a a thriving art hub, that include not only art centres and art galleries located within Alice Springs town limits, but also art centres in the surrounding outer regions of Central Australia. As well, within Alice Springs there is a thriving street art presence, that encompasses the annual street art festival and event, with artistic output of murals, statues, sculptures and more.

There is a ‘art trail’ that can be followed (details from the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre and the Alice Springs Town Council website). Following is a list (not in any order) of some of the street art created through the years.

  • Anzac Hill Cenotaph, 1933 by Reverend Harry Griffiths (designer) Jack Donellan (Builder) — Sculpture
  • The Ghan Memorial, 1980 by Gabriel Sterk — Statue
  • Coles Mural, 1981 by Bob and Kay Kessing (supervisors), with 200 volunteers and contributions for local businesses and companies — Mural
  • The Split, 1984 by Trevor Weekes — Sculpture
  • Kmart Mural, 1984 Sandstone by John Newland (stonemason of original mural) – unfortunately although the reconstructed wall mural can be seen, the original work can now only be viewed from photographs — Mural
  • Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Mural, 1985 by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (design), Bob and Kaye Kessing, with assistance from students at Yirara College and friends
  • Arrernte Country, 1988 by Mr W. Rubuntja, Cedar Prest, with Alice Inkamala, Julie Ebatarintja, Sally Rubuntja and Bernice Kennedy — Stained Glass Window
  • Second Hand Hand, 1992 by Mark Egan — Sculpture
  • Nevile Shute Giant Books, 2007 by The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation (design), Chris Scott (installation) — Sculpture
  • Camels, 2008 by J9 Stanton — Sculpture
  • Gathering Garden, 2009 by Julie Squires & Indigenous artists from nine communities — Sculpture
  • Unstoppable Nature, 2012 by 4U2C, Massika — Mural
  • Ayeperenye Moth Light Poles, 2013 by Pip McManus — Sculpture
  • The Gap, 2014 by Peter Taylor, Gloria Pannka, Mervyn Rubuntja, Lenie Namatijra, Kevin Namatjira, Gwenda Namatjira and Reinhold Inkamala — Mural
  • Atyunpe, 2015 by Dan Murphy — Sculpture
  • The Recyculator, 2015 by J9 Stanton — Sculpture
  • Rusiate Lali Art and Murals, 2006-2015 — Mural
  • Ghost Gum Shadow Mosaic, 2016 by Alison Hittmann — Sculpture
  • The Yeperenye Sculpture, 2016 by Dan Murphy, students from the Centre for Appropriate Technology’s ATWork program — Sculpture
  • Yellow Rabbit, 2017 by Peter McLisky — Sculpture
  • Yeperenye, 2018 by Jimmy Dvate, Tilks, with Mark Circus — Mural
  • Dingoes Under a Full Moon, 2018 by Christine Ng — Mural
  • Painted Finch, 2018 by Chris Scott — Mural
  • Samson and Delilah & Sweet Country, 2018 by CTO, Linz — Mural
  • This is Aboriginal Art Roller Shutters, 2020 by Melanie Gunner — Mural
  • Birds and Flowers of Anglicare, 2021 by Melanie Gunner — Mural
  • House of Tallulah Mural, 2021 by Kaff-eine — Mural

Source: Alice Springs Public Art Map, Alice Springs Town Council,

Footnote & References

  1. Alice Springs Public Art Map, Alice Springs Town Council,

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