Untyeyetwelye is the site of the ‘ANZAC Hill War Memorial’, that commemorates the sacrifice of our men and women during the wars. The Anzac Hill Cenotaph — overlooking Alice Springs is a special place — becoming more so on Remembrance Day, when we all stand together for the Dawn Service.

The memorial is a white painted obelisk designed by the Reverend Harry Griffiths of the Australian Inland Mission who suggested that a memorial be erected on the crown of the hill. The builder was Mr Jack Donnellan and the cost of £90 was raised by subscriptions, concerts and dances.

The road to the memorial, could have potentially cost more than the monument itself, except for the fact it was constructed with voluntary labour from the small population of the time. The corner floodlights, which were originally from motor cars and powered by a battery, were finally replaced with lights from the decommissioned HMAS Yarra in 1979.

At the time there were two flagpoles, the one on the east side flying the Australian flag and the one on the west side flying the Northern Territory flag.

On Anzac Day 1934 the RSL President, Dudley Adamson, who was the first postmaster of Alice Springs, unveiled the memorial and laid the official wreath. The Reverend Griffiths made the dedication.

Originally dedicated to all those members of the armed services who had paid the supreme sacrifice during World War I, it has now become a memorial to all those who have served in the defence of their country during all wars in which Australia has participated.

Source: History of the RSL Club in Alice Springs, RSL Social Club & War Museum

Anzac Hill / Untyeyetwelye
– is a special place for both the Aboriginals and to commemorate the sacrifices of our men and women during the wars.

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