The Anzac Hill is one of Alice Springs popular places for tourist to visit, as it provides a birds eye view of Alice Springs, the MacDonnell Ranges and Mount Gillen, Heavitree Gap and the surrounding region.

It’s near central location in town makes it an easy place to get to either by car (there is parking near the top) or you can walk up the hill via the ‘Lions Walk’ on the south side.

Make sure you take your camera, hat, sunglasses, block out and water.

The pathway to the top of Anzac Hill was originally constructed by the Lions Club of Alice Springs in 1970/71.It took about a year to construct, and include over 300 volunteer man hours. The cost of materials, including the stone walling and archway entrance at the base of the walk totalled $340.

The walk has always been a popular path for locals and tourists providing a convenient route to the top of ANZAC Hill and fine view of Alice Springs. In recent years, heavy use has resulted in erosion and general deterioration of the path.

The upgrading works completed in November 2000 were undertaken at a cost of $127,000. The works have been a cooperative undertaking by the Alice Springs Town Council and Northern Territory Government.

ANZAC Hill / Untyeyetwelye
– is a special place for both the Aboriginals and to commemorate the sacrifices of our men and women during the wars.

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