Ormiston Gorge & Pound

Ormiston Gorge | Fauna | Flora | Landscape

Ormiston Gorge and Pound on the western side of the Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park showcases spectacular geology and landforms, with its near-permanent waterhole, that is estimated to be up to 14 metres deep at its southern end.

It is also home to a range of local native wildlife, with many being important and part of the local Aboriginal culture.

To the Western Arrernte people, the waterhole at Ormiston Gorge is known as Kwartetweme. This place is an Emu Dreaming place. The local aboriginal artist Edward Rontji does a painting that depicts the travels of the emu ancestor in the Dreamtime from the Ochre Pits to Ormiston Waterhole. The ceramic tiles that surround the painting by Edward Rontji has been done by Carol Rontji. This work can be seen in the visitor centre, where you can hear a recording by Edward that tells the story of the Emu Dreaming.

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