Author David Rennie

Gidday everyone, like to have a little yarn with you all.

My name is David Rennie, I am a wildlife photographer, claim that because it is all I do, wander around taking photo’s of nature and all that rely on it for their survival.

I have Bipolar, apparently a madness in my head, I don’t see it that way, but I do refer to it as my “Blessing & my Curse”. I have a crazy manic phase were I go for 7 days and 7 nights and do not need to sleep, then I will sleep for between 12-14 hours, wake as if I had never shut me eyes and go for another 7 days. I do this for around 11 months of the year and then I disappear into a pit of darkness and hide from the world for around 20-30 days. (The Blackdog)

Its important you know this as I write as fast as my mind races, sometimes it does not always make full sense, but you will get the gist of it.

Mr & Mrs Smith (Little Dave's Story) © David Rennie
Mr & Mrs Smith building up the nest time.
(Little Dave’s Story) © David Rennie

So for 1,000 days and nights I photographed our Ramsar 482 protected wetlands, I would go off for a few days and nights, come home, shit shower shave shampoo, sex and then off again, sometimes up to 2 weeks just wandering because I kept seeing something and I needed the right light, right things to happen so I waited and watched.

Sam and Samantha (Little Dave's Story) © David Rennie
Sam and Samantha having a little disagreement. Remind you of anything??
(Little Dave’s Story) © David Rennie

It was frenetic and a period where I captured my main body of work. I loved it and at times hated it, “my Blessing & my Curse”. I had by now fallin in love with 2 species of our birds that lived in our wetlands, Mr & Mrs Smith a very young mating pair of Ospreys and Sam & Samantha Spoonbill a pair of Yellow Bills and was just infatuated with them, maybe I had spent a good 6 months tracking, photographing and learning from them. (they are later story’s).

Mr Smith (Little Dave's Story) © David Rennie
Mr Smith (Little Dave’s Story) © David Rennie

Then one early morning a little white bird dropped out of the sky and started feeding 50 feet away from me and my attention left Sam Spoonbill and I looked and focused on a real cool little fellow who would become known as “Little Dave” and at that moment in my life little did I know he would also become one of my greatest teachers, a friend, a mate and such a big part of my life for the next 3+ years.

Sam Spoonbill (Little Dave's Story) © David Rennie
Sam Spoonbill (Little Dave’s Story) © David Rennie

So here is “Little Dave’s Story To Be Continued”…

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