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West MacDonnell Range

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West MacDonnell
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MacDonnell Ranges
West MacDonnell NP

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Being part of the MacDonnell Ranges, stretching some 644 km, both east and west of Alice Springs, the West MacDonnell Range, offers a range of popular attractions and activities for visitors to the region.

Encompassing many natural landforms, the range is home to a number of popular destinations including Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Stanley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen.

Seeing these attractions by tours, charters or self-drive is the perfect way to explore the region. Another unique way is by helicopter, with options available from Alice Springs and Glen Helen.

See the Snapshots from Australia section for images of West MacDonnell Range... and for more aerial images of the West MacDonnell Range...

Aerial Views
The rolling slope of the West MacDonnell Range (a line of trees follow a creek bed). West MacDonnell Ranges, west of Glen Helen. You can see the peaks of Gosses Bluff on the horizon. West MacDonnell Ranges, disappearing into the horizon.
The rolling slopes of the West MacDonnell Range. The impact of the rolling slopes of the West MacDonnell Range is dramatic from the air. Mount Sonder, one of Central Australia's iconic images.
Mount Sonder overlooks the surrounding region of the West MacDonnell Range. Mount Sonder, one of Central Australia's prominent features in the West MacDonnell Range. Sweeping over Mount Sonder we can see Mount Razorback and to the right Mount Zeil.
Mount Razorback and beyond that to the right is Mount Zeil, the NT highest peak at 1,531 metres. Mount Razorback and to the right Mount Zeil. Davenport Creek, together with Ormiston Creek join to form the headwater of the Finke River.
Davenport Creek and tributaries. Following the Mount Sonder ridge line, approximately 1,500 metres above sea level. View down the western slope of Mount Sonder and across the desert plains.
View on the north-western side of Mount Sonder. Sweeping around then eastward from Mount Sonder. View of the landscape and Ormiston Pound in the distance.
Ormiston Pound. You can see the Ormiston Creek cutting across the landscape towards Ormiston Pound. Following the range along the ridge top.
    More images coming...
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