Author Gary Taylor

Insignis and in health… 😄 Do you, Workshop Owner, take this spider to be your lawfully webbed companion..? 😅 I do… and at the fear of sounding like an arachnid polygamist (or at least like I’ve got serious tabs on myself… 😆), why not, I’ve got gorgeous good lookin’ long legged girls in every other corner…🤣 But jokes aside, don’t you just love getting to see a bit of “nature” happenin’ when your “indoors”…

This is my new girl doin’ her bit to help our native bees… 🙂 It’s not a great pic focal wise but I love that drop of venom coming from the Euro bee’s sting… She knows she’s done for, but if she can free that back end she’s gonna give my girl a right hook she’ll never forget… 🤣.

Insignis and in health… Badumna and the bee © Gary Taylor

Haha I shouldn’t laugh, I watched it happen only a few weeks ago, sister? auntie? dunno, it was on the other side of the window (yes, that’s a window, of sorts…😅), Big strong tuff as a tank Badumna (Bad? um, nah… 😄) comes strutting out of her funnel like web like one of the Bee Gees at the feel of the good, good, good, good vibrations… But the bee wasn’t actually stuck in her web… it was in a daddy long legs web that only connected to hers, and two daddy long legs were moving in quick…

Badumna paused to assess the situation, then just walked toward them yelling “woohoo, hors d’oeuvres as well!…” 😂 Hey, to be honest I’m not really sure what she said exactly but the way they took off I’d reckon it was something like that… 😆

Anyway, she claimed the bee as hers and we both thought it was done, game over… But no, that bee put up a fight, spun around and it was almost too fast to see, but I reckon it jammed that sting right into the spiders knee cap ‘cos it suddenly let go of the bee and that little piggy went “wheee wheee wheee” all the way home… 😆

I wondered for awhile whether a bee sting was strong enough to kill a spider, it must have hurt like hell… then about twenty minutes later she came marching back out with the answer, nope, it just makes them angry… 😂 this time a more direct assault and she literally skull dragged the bee (I’m sure deliberately slowly 🤣) back into her lair… 😆

Photograph © Gary Taylor

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