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Kosciuszko Road

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Kosciuszko Road
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The Kosciuszko Road is a popular drive that starts from the Snowy Region Visitor Centre and ends at Charlotte’s Pass, a total of 42.3 km. Together with the Alpine Way, the Kosciuszko Alpine Way is one of NSW popular scenic drives.

When the Kosciuszko Road was completed in 1909, it ran to the top of Mount Kosciuszko. In 1974 it was closed at Charlotte’s Pass because of safety and environmental problems and the lack of parking space.

Park passes can be purchased at any of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Snowy Mountain offices in Khancoban, Jindabyne, Tumut and Yarrangobilly Caves.

The Kosciuszko Road

0km Snowy Region Visitor Centre
Kosciuszko Road, JINDABYNE
9.8km Thredbo River picnic area
10km Visitor entrance station
12.2km Waste Point Road turn-off
15.4km Kosciuszko Education Centre
15.8km Sawpit Creek picnic area
Late last century alpine ash logs were sawn near this creek. One man stood in the ‘sawpit’ with another above and the logs were sawn using a double-handed saw. Now it is the track head for several short walks.
20.3km Wilsons Valley
Named after a gold prospector.
22.9km Rennix Walk
Change in vegetation from montane to sub-alpine.
24km Guthega Road turn-off
Turn off to Island Bend, the site of a Snowy Hydro township from the early 1950s to the mid 1960s, and pondage. Further along is Munyang (Guthega Power Station), an entry point into the Jagungal Wilderness area.
24.8km Diggers Creek
One story is that the creek was worked for gold.
24.9km Sponars Chalet
All that remains of the Hotel Kosciusko which was built in 1909 and destroyed by fire in 1951. The present chalet was the hotel’s staff quarters. You can see a cross of daffodils (Known by locals as Mrs Mac’s Cross) in spring from here which was planted to inspire safe driving but became a memorial to many who lost their lives in the area.
26.3km Rainbow Lake walk
29.9km Dainers Gap
Named after a stockman who believed to have had a camp here.
28.3km Wragges Creek
Clement Wragge as a meteorologist who operated a weather station on Mount Kosciuszko between 1898 and 1902.
30.2km Prussian Creek
Named after one of Spencer’s bullocks.
31km Pipers Creek
Named after another bullock.
31.6km Smiggin Holes
Scottish name for shallow depressions caused by cattle around salt lick.
33.3km Perisher Visitor Centre
Turn-off to Porcupine Walk. Mount Perisher and The Paralyzer named by Spencer in reference to the climate.
38.8km Perisher Gap
Just beyond the gap, Mount Kosciuszko can be seen as a rounded peak in the far distance.
36.9km Guthries Creek
Named after a professor at Sydney University.
37.5km Betts Creek
Named after a district surveyor.
39.3km Spencers Creek
41.4km Turn-off to Charlotte Pass village
The first chalet ws built in 1931 and destroyed by fire in 1938. It was rebuilt in 1939.
42.3km Charlotte’s Pass
Named after Charlotte Adams, reputed to be the first European woman to reach Mount Kosciuszko. Start of the Summit and Main Range walks into the alpine area.

Source: NSW Parks & Wildlife Service
Check out their free ‘Kosciuszko Today’ from the local Visitor Centre

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