Alice Springs Beanie Festival

Author Koh Lin

Alice Springs is renowned destination for bird watching. It is also known as the Beanie Centre of the world, with its iconic festival event that brings all sorts of beanies from around Australia and also from overseas. So who would have guessed that this unique festival event would also be a great place to do a spot of bird watching.

Like in real life, there is no guarantee of the type of bird you will see, nor even if you will see the same bird over each day of the festival. In fact it is the search and discovery that makes this a remarkable place to enjoy your passion of bird watching…

Black Swan of LeMuRia

Long, long, long ago…..
Before the Mountains rose,
The Lemurian Swan
held, upon her back
the Ancient Motherland, Mu

With escaping gas
Grow massive bubbles below
Volcanic Islands grew from
Firey Lava as the mother
sank, leaving our land
for other surviving lemurions
to find by rafts.

India tore asunder, with
middle part of W.A. pushing
up the Himalaya…..

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