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Snapshot and Images of the Great Ocean Road

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Great Ocean Road
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Great Ocean Road
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Great Ocean Road
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Snapshot and Images of the Great Ocean Road - Cities, Towns and Localities

One of the great activities when holidaying along the Great Ocean Road and Shipwreck Coast is taking photographs of the many attractions and magnificent views as you travel through the region.

These photos are more than just a snapshot, but a prompt for your memory, although often it cannot capture the true magnificence of the day, the image is enough to evoke the feelings that you had whilst experiencing this wonderful region.

Following are some images of a number of locales along Victoria's most scenic and spectacular region.

Check out our listing of Great Ocean Road accommodation, Great Ocean Walk accommodation and Shipwreck Coast accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Images from the Great Ocean Road

London Arch (formerly London Bridge) and Beach
London Arch (formerly London Bridge) - on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. London Bridge Beach and the cliff face - Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. Track marks on the beach leading from the surf to the cliff base.
Aerial Views of the Great Ocean Road / Shipwreck Coast
The Great Ocean Road looking eastward towards Princetown and beyond. There are a number of side roads, off the Great Ocean Road, that take you to cliff edge lookouts. Great Ocean Road limestone stacks dotted along the coastline.
Aerial view of the Great Ocean Road. Great Ocean Road limestone stacks and inaccessible beaches. Great Ocean Road farmland hinterland and rugged coastline.
Gellibrand River, Princetown just on the left. Secluded beaches, coastal cliffs of the Great Ocean Road. Rugged cliffs, windswept beaches and tall bluffs of the Great Ocean Road.
Great Ocean Road coastal headland and bluff. Coastal headland and bluff battered by the ocean waters of the Bass Strait. Steep coastal headlands and bluffs on the Great Ocean Road.
Aire River and Lake Craven feed into the Bass Strait. Great Otway National Park, you can just see the Cape Otway Lightstation in the distance. Otway Ranges tumble into the the waters of the Bass Strait.
Cape Otway - Victoria, Australia. Aerial view of the the Cape Otway Centre for Conservation Ecology and the Lightstation. Cape Otway and Cape Otway Lightstation.
Cape Otway Lightstation at the edge of the cliff. The Lightstation at the sheer cliff face of Cape Otway.  
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