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Mount Tomah Botanic Garden

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Mount Tomah Botanic Garden

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Mt Tomah Botanic Garden

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is 105 km west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains. The garden takes its name from the mountain on which it is located. “Tomah” is reputedly an Aboriginal word meaning tree fern, the original owners of the land being the Daruk Aboriginal people.

With it's spectacular views, it offers much to see at all times of the year and a place for friends, lovers and the entire family to spend the day. There are picnic areas, cascading falls, water features, a variety of walks pass a variety of cool climate plants and trees, all against a mountain range backdrop.

Autumn and spring are also great times to visit, when the garden is ablaze in glorious colours.

The gardens are located at:

Information Centre

Mount Tomah Botanic GardenMount Tomah Botanic Garden
Bells Line of Road
via BILPIN NSW 2758
Ph: 02 4567 2154
Fax: 02 4567 2037

The garden is ablaze with autumn colours.Major features of the garden include the:

Rock Garden: a series of cascades and pools with a variety of habitats for plants from rocky communities around the world.

Plant Explorers Walk: features plant species introduced by some of the best known botanical explorers, including those from the Himalaya and western China.

Gondwana Walk: shows plant groups that have evolved in isolation since the ancient southern super continent of Gondwana began to break up about 120 million years ago.

Mt Tomah Botanic GardenHeath and Heather Garden: species and cultivars from the Northern Hemisphere and southern Africa (family Ericaceae) and from Australia (family Epacridaceae).

Conifer Species and Conifer Cultivars: comprehensive display of representatives of most genera, as well as conifer cultivars selected for such horticulturally-desirable features as plant shape, growth forma and foliage colour.

Rhododendron Collection: includes representatives of all the main sub-groups of this extremely large and varied genus, and a wide variety of hybrids, which flower spectacularly in spring.

Mt Tomah Botanic GardenFormal Garden: inspired by traditional European garden styles, this area is laid out in three terraces.

Residence Garden: developed as an example of modern domestic-scale landscaping, this area features a sweeping lawn with handsome specimen trees. The backdrop to the garden is a superb panorama of the rugged landscapes of the northern Blue Mountains.

Brunet Garden: a grassy glade with mature tress and shrubs, planted by the Brunets as part of their private garden, and a pavilion dedicated to their memory.

Diary link...Visitor Centre: includes the restaurant/cafe, gardens shop, education display. There are also guided tours.

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