We at Ausemade on occasion have been asked where we get in our information from, especially on specific topics such as flora and fauna.

With the big wide world of the internet, online is often the easiest place to seek information. Of course these days there is some not so accurate online information, so we always try to verify what we read and research. In some instances, information may change over time, as with scientific classification (and the nature of further research). Some of our pages will have a “Footnote & References” at the bottom of the page, with other pages showing “Sources” where we credit where the information comes from.

Of course we are only human and we can make mistakes, so please let us know of any errors in our content.

Here at Ausemade, we do have our favourite books that we often use to look up information and to reference. In addition to these non-fiction books, we also like to read fiction and those books that are a cross between fiction and non-fiction.

Following are books from our library and what we have read, we hope you find our list of interest.

  • Wildflowers & Plants of Inland Australia by Anne Urban
    • First published in Australia by
      Portside Editions Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC
      Printed in hard back 1990
      Reprinted in soft back 1993, 1996
      ISBN: 0-646-41688-X
    • Published in 2001 by
      Paul Fitzsimons, Alice Springs, NT
      Reprinted 2004
      ISBN: 0-646-41688-X

  • Bushfires & Bushtucker by Peter Latz
    • First published in 1995 by
      IAD Press, Alice Springs, NT
      Reprinted in 1996, 2004
      ISBN: 0-949659-96-7

Creating a Haven for Native Bees by Dr Kit Prendergast, the Bee Babette
Creating a Haven for Native Bees by Dr Kit Prendergast, the Bee Babette

  • Dorothy Napangardi: Honouring and Remembering the Art and Life of Dorothy Napangardi 1987-2013 by Roslyn Premont
    • Edition: 1st edition, 2020
      Publisher: Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, NT
      ISBN: 978-0-6487650-0-4

      Available from: Gallery Gondwana
Honouring and Remembering the Art and Life of Dorothy Napangardi 1987-2013 by Roslyn Premont

News Media and Other Publications
  • The Conversation
    We at Ausemade enjoy The Conversation – which is a network of not-for-profit media outlets that publish news stories on the Internet that are written by academics and researchers, under a free Creative Commons licence, allowing reuse but only without modification.

  • Crikey
    Crikey is an Australian electronic magazine with a website and email newsletter. As well as political issues, it also covers a range of other topics including Culture, The Arts, Food and Travel.

Online Web Resources
  • iNaturalistAU
    iNaturalist Australia is the product of a membership agreement between the iNaturalist Network and the Atlas of Living Australia and CSIRO.

    iNaturalist Australia, the Australian node of iNaturalist, the world’s leading global social biodiversity network. We now encourage you to use iNaturalist Australia to record your individual plant, animal and fungi sightings.

  • Atlas of Living Australia
    The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is a collaborative, digital, open infrastructure that pulls together Australian biodiversity data from multiple sources, making it accessible and reusable.

    The ALA is made possible by contributions from its partners, is supported by NCRIS, is hosted by CSIRO, and is the Australian node of GBIF.

As we find other resources that are interesting and of use, we will update this listing.