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As the leading festival event celebrating Aboriginal artists living across the vast region of Central Australia, we look back at the September 2018 exhibition and some of the magnificent artworks on show.

  • Photographs from the Alice Springs Desert Mob Festival 2018
  • Nguytjuku Ngurra by Ruth Fatt
  • Ngayuku Ngurra by Samuel Miller
  • Ngayuku Ngura (My Country) by Peter Mungkuri
  • Ngayuku Ngura Kuwari – My Home Now by Marina Pumani Brown
  • Yanjirlpirri or Napaljarri – Warnu Juikurrpa (Star or Seven Sisters Dreaming) by Athena Nangala Granites
  • Tingarri Man Walukirritji by Linda Tjunkaya Siddick Napaltjarri
  • Kungkarangkalpa – Seven Sisters by Tjunkaya Tapaya
  • Like a Rainbow – Seven Sisters by Stacey Davis
  • The Keringke Roo by Camilla Young, Marie Young, Serena Hayes, Sharon Williams
  • The Keringke Emu by Camilla Young, Marie Young, Serena Hayes, Sharon Williams
  • Adam & Eve by Mary Young
  • Untitled by Mick Rictor
  • Ngura by Mick Rictor
  • Tjulpu Kala Tjuta (Bird Many Colours) by Jane Mervin
  • Camel Train by Johnny Young
  • Redtails Looking for food before night time by Kukula McDonald
  • Morris Soak by Selma Coulthard

Source: Desert Mob Festival 2018

Come and experience the next event, where visitors, collectors and art lovers converge on Mparntwe (Alice Springs) to see first hand the bold, creative, and exhilarating statements by a big mob of Aboriginal Artists in the desert heart and landscape of Australia.

Check out the Araluen Arts Centre website for their current and upcoming exhibitions…

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