Author DaQua

Ancient Oak, beguiling Birch
Autumn leaves, brazen
In the passionate embers
of their dying colours.

Whispering melodies, of winds
High above my consciousness
Arouse lofty branches
Now provocative in their pose.

Aching Arch, sensuous stretch
Welcoming, long awaited attentions
Of this celestial lover, Unpredictable in its touch
Unrelenting in its strength.

Bewitched by this disrobing dance
Sunlight casts its Autumn flame
Illuminating this wild pirouette, and
submissive final tremor.

As breathless leaves cascade to rest
On the burnished carpet deep,
that cloaks, the secrets of earlier liaisons
And warms the mysteries of the
Dark moist earth beneath my feet.

DaQua © Vivienne Davies-Quarrell

Inspired by Autumn in Combermere – photographs Dunedin Botanic Gardens, New Zealand.