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Finke Gorge National Park Images

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Palm Valley

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Finke Gorge National Park Images
Scientific Name:
Leiopotherapon unicolor

Common Name:
Spangled Grunter, Spangled Perch, Jewel Perch, Bobby Perch, Cod

Have a mottled pattern of brown spots and grow to around 20 cm long. They often swim in schools, feeding on insects, shrimp, other fish and some water plants. They’re very hardy and during floods are the first fish to leave their waterholes.

Following images were from a pool of water in Palm Valley.

Spangled Grunters (Leiopotherapon unicolor)
These varied in length from 3 to 6 cm

Spangled Grunters (Leiopotherapon unicolor)
This Spangled Grunter was about 16 cm in length.

Spangled Grunters (Leiopotherapon unicolor)
There was a number of Spangled Grunters of varying sizes.

The dwindling pool of water (Palm Valley)
The dwindling pool of water.

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