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Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve - Fauna

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Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve
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Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve - Cities, Towns and Localities
Central Military Dragon
(Ctenophorus isolepis)

The Central Military Dragon is found in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

Reddish brown, white spots with darker edge, pale dorsolateral (pertaining to the back and sides) and midlateral stripes. Some differences between male and female in colouration, with the male having a broad black stripe extending along the side of its abdomen to the nose. There are a number of sub species with variation in the colouration.

Rarely seen perched on elevated locations as they are usually found on the ground foraging between low vegetation.1

Central Military Dragon (Ctenophorus isolepis)
Central Military Dragon seen at Chambers Pillar © Greg Sully / AusEmade Pty Ltd
This Central Military Dragon was seen at Chambers Pillar.

Central Military Dragon (Ctenophorus isolepis) © Greg Sully / AusEmade Pty Ltd

Central Military Dragon (Ctenophorus isolepis) © Greg Sully / AusEmade Pty Ltd

© Greg Sully / AusEmade Pty Ltd

1 A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia - Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan, 2005 New Holland Publishers
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