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Aboriginal Tourism - Indigenous Art & Culture

Indigenous Australia ~ Aboriginal Australia
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Aboriginal Tourism • Indigenous Art & Culture
WARNING: This website contains images of persons that are deceased.

Welcome to the Dreaming...

Prior to white settlement, Australia’s indigenous people’s were the Aborigines, with a culture dating back tens of thousands of years, spanning the entire continent, a multitude of tribes and Aboriginal nations. For both visitors and those living on this land, there is still much to be discovered and learnt from a culture that has survived within the harsh and magnificent continent of Australia.

The oral history of the local Indigenous people tells of a ‘Dreamtime’, the creation, the beginning, when all things began. These stories were passed down by word of mouth, rock art and ceremonies over thousands of years.

These dreamtime stories spoke of how the world came to be, and provided the foundation of Indigenous spirituality, the laws and rules by which they live. Although not everyone had the same Dreaming, due to the many different tribes, languages and customs, they all shared the same strong link between the people and their land.

Come Walkabout...
Today, many of the Indigenous Aboriginal individuals and groups are taking control of their lives and culture and sharing it with others. Aboriginal art, culture and tours can be found all over Australia. Information for these can be found throughout this site, as well as our links to external resources. Visitors should also call into the local visitors centres for information. A number of Aboriginal communities are off limits to outsiders, however many of these can be accessed by applying for a permit through various agencies such as the Central Land Council for those wanting to visit communities throughout Australia.

Throughout Aboriginal Tourism, we have provided links to many websites that may be of interest, especially those seeking Indigenous art and culture. If you want to add another site or think it should be included here, please feel free to email us with the details.


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