Flock BronzewingFlock Bronzewing – male Flock Bronzewing – flight

The nomadic Flock Bronzewing (Phaps histrionica) are endemic to the arid regions of Australia. Their need for access to water, means that you may see them near stock troughs, bores, water tanks and other pools of water. They are seen in a variety of habitats ranging from tussock grasslands, spinifex, saltbush and mulga.

A large desert pigeon, they are described as plain brown above, plain grey below. The sexes are dimorphic in plumage.

The male of the species has black and white patterned head (the head is black with white forehead, white patch on throat and white line that form a broken ring behind the eye). The upperparts and wings are a reddish to sandy brown in colour.

In the female the black and white colour markings on the chin, face and throat are usually dull compared to that of the male. In the female, the upper section and the crown and forehead are sandy-brown colour.

The juvenile are similar to the female except they have a more muted brown and white pattern and less distinct facial markings. The upper wings are plain brown, with plain grey outer wing.

Flock BronzewingFlock Bronzewing – male Flock Bronzewing – flight

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