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Belonging to the order Lepidoptera (class Insecta), Central Australia is home to a great variety of moths, from the plain coloured moths to some interesting coloured moths.

Australia is said to be home to more then 10,000 species of moths (and with many yet to be identified). Moths form a group of some 125 families worldwide, with 82 families of moths represented in Australia.

Whilst many species of moths are plain in comparison to butterflies, they are are still interesting in their own right. Two of the well known moths in Central Australia are the commonly named Processionary Caterpillars (also known as the Bag-shelter Moth, Ochrogaster lunifer) and the Yeperenye / Australian Striped Hawk Moth (Hyles livornicoides).

Many adult moth species display interesting colour patterns hidden under their wings (seen when they flutter and fly) and may even have a colourful abdomen. As well as the winged adult species, keep an eye out for the various instar stages including caterpillar and pupa/chrysalis.

Check out some of our documented native species below (taken from our section on Alice Springs Moths). Click the thumbnail image to go to the page.

Australian Striped Hawk Moth (Hyles livornicoides), Alice Springs NT
Australian Striped Hawk Moth (Hyles livornicoides)
Bag-shelter Moth (Ochrogaster lunifer), Alice Springs NT
Bag-shelter Moth and Processionary Caterpillar
Processionary Caterpillar (Ochrogaster lunifer)
Processionary Caterpillar (Ochrogaster lunifer)
Banksia Moth caterpillar (Psalidostetha banksiae), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Banksia Moth caterpillar (Psalidostetha banksiae)
Carpenter Moth (Endoxyla cinereus), Alice Springs NT
Carpenter Moth (Endoxyla cinereus)
Chasmina pulchra, Alice Springs NT
Chasmina pulchra (White Beauty)
Comocrus behri - caterpillar of the Day Flying Moth
Comocrus behri (caterpillar of the Mistletoe Moth)
Day Flying Moth (Comocrus behri) feeding on Red-capped Gum (Eucalyptus erythrocorys)
Comocrus behri (Mistletoe Moth / Day Flying Moth)
Convolvulus Hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli), Alice Springs NT
Convolvulus Hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli)
Witchetty Grub Cossid Moth (Endoxyla leucomochla)
Cossid Moth (Endoxyla leucomochla)
Endoxyla genus, family Cossidae (deceased), Alice Springs NT
Endoxyla genus, family Cossidae
Agrius godarti (Godart’s Hawkmoth), Alice Springs NT
Godart’s Hawkmoth (Agrius godarti)
Australian Fruitworm (Helicoverpa punctigera), Alice Springs NT
Helicoverpa punctigera (Australian Fruitworm)
Heliotrope Moth (Utetheisa pulchelloides), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Heliotrope Moth (Utetheisa pulchelloides)
Case Moth, genus Lomera, family Psychidae
Leaf Case Moth (family Psychidae)
Leptocneria binotata, Alice Springs NT
Leptocneria binotata
Case Moth, genus Lomera, family Psychidae
Leaf Case Moth (family Psychidae)
Ophiusa parcemacula (Owlet Moth / Figure Eight Moth), Alice Springs NT
Ophiusa parcemacula (Owlet Moth / Figure Eight Moth)
Plume Moth (family Pterophoridae), Alice Springs, NT
Plume Moth (family Pterophoridae)
Ribbed Case Moth (Hyalarcta nigrescens), Alice Springs, NT
Ribbed Case Moth (Hyalarcta nigrescens)
White-spotted Owl-Moth (Donuca spectabilis)
White-spotted Owl-Moth (Donuca spectabilis)

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