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The Field Lily (Crinum angustifolium) is a perennial species of the family Amaryllidae that is endemic in Australia, native to northern Australia including Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland (south to Brisbane).

The leaves are narrow, tapering to a pointed tip, erect and spreading, arising from a bulb at ground level.

The flowers are scented with six petals. The stamens with filaments are 3.5–6 cm long and maroon, whilst the anthers are 6–12 mm long, with a slight to strong crescent-shaped, purple or black. They usually flower between November to January.

The seed appears in capsules that are pale green and roundish. The seeds usually germinate before they fall.

Common name
Field Lily, Brisbane Lily, Crinum Lily

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  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Tracheophytes
  • Clade: Angiosperms
  • Clade: Monocots
  • Order: Asparagales
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Subfamily: Amaryllidoideae
  • Genus: Crinum
  • Species: C. angustifolium
  • Binomial name: Crinum angustifolium