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Rungutjirpa is the Arrernte Aboriginal name for Simpsons Gap and is the mythological home of a group of giant goanna ancestors.

It is also home to a number of fauna, from tiny insects to wallabies and kangaroos. Some of the more well known creatures that call this part of the West MacDonnell Ranges include:

Black-footed Rock Wallabies

Simpsons Gap is home to a group of resident Black-footed Rock Wallabies. This spot is popular with visitors hopping to catch a glimpse of the these wallabies, especially at dawn and dust, although visitors have also been lucky to see a number of wallabies in the mid morning period during the cooler winter-spring season.

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Stimson’s Python

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Water Scorpion

Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider (Lycosidae sp) describes a spider that belong to over 120 genera, that encompassed many thousands of species.

Wedge-tailed Eagle

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