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The Pink Rock Wort (Sedopsis filsonii) is a delicate bright pink prostrate perennial is endemic to the southern region of the Northern Territory. Rarely seen outside of the MacDonnell Ranges, it can be easily missed (just keep your eyes out for the bright pink flowers).

This plant was found in the range above Ormiston Gorge in the Western MacDonnell during the month of April (after considerable rainfall). The flower appears above the leaves on a stem about 2-3 cm high.

They are listed as near threatened species in some areas of its range, such as Ruby Gap Nature Park.

  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Class: Equisetopsida
  • Family: Portulacaceae
  • Genus: Sedopsis
  • Species: S. filsonii
  • Binomial name: Sedopsis filsonii