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The Alice Springs Desert Park provides a great opportunity to spot some of the diverse insects (class Insecta) that live in Central Australia. This group of hexapod invertebrates and the largest group within the phylum Arthropoda, includes butterflies, crickets, moths, ants, termites, mantids, grasshoppers, crickets, just to name some of the insects.

Check out some of the insect species that have been documented in the desert park.

Opisthopsis sp (Strobe ant), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Exoneurella eremophila on the Golden Everlasting (Xerochrysum bracteatum)
Snout Beetle (genus Lixus, family Curculionidae), Alice Springs NT
Banksia Moth caterpillar (Psalidostetha banksiae), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Butterflies & Moths
Ligyra cingulata - Bee Fly, Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Choerocoris paganus, Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Hemiptera / Heteroptera
Katydid - Taeniomenae (genus group), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Genus Bembix (Sand Wasp), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Sjöstedt's Graceful Stick Insect (Tropidoderus gracilifemur), Alice Springs Desert Park NT
Tropidoderus gracilifemur

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Insects | Ants (Formicidae) | Central Australia Insects | Alice Springs Insects.

  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Subphylum: Hexapoda
  • Class: Insecta
  • Informal: Pterygotes
  • Order: Hymenoptera
  • Superfamily: Vespoidea
  • Family: Formicidae

Footnote & References

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