Author Gary Taylor

A quick one before I start my yard work… I spotted this little male Hylaeus on a Flame Grevillea (eriostachya) yesterday. He looked like was about to “bubble” but the wind was waving the long, skinny stemmed flowers all over the place, so I chanced grabbing the flower to hold it still.

Usually as soon as you do this the bee takes off, but not this time… You bloody ripper, to capture bubbling from this close and at this angle could make for some awesome pics…

Anyway, first and second pics, he seemed to be working his mouth a lot but not much was happening…

then it started looking promising in the third pic…

Hylaeus (Hylaeteron) douglasi © Gary Taylor

but then, in the fourth, he kinda dropped to his knees, seeming to have nothing to regurgitate and pooped himself with the effort… and that’s it, it was all over… But it’s ok little bee, we’ve all been there… 😄

Hylaeus (Hylaeteron) douglasi © Gary Taylor
Hylaeus (Hylaeteron) douglasi © Gary Taylor

Images Hylaeus (Hylaeteron) douglasi © Gary Taylor

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