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Mount Kaputar National Park

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Mount Kaputar National Park
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Mount Kaputar National Park ~ Images of Australia
Mount Kaputar towers above the surrounding Western Plains of New South Wales, Australia. Protected as the Mount Kaputar National Park, this area is a rugged island of wilderness, it is the remnant from a series of volcanic eruptions that moved through the area between 17 and 21 million years ago. Over millions of years erosion carved the landscape into the Nandewar Range, leaving behind the dramatic escarpment of lava terraces, volcanic plugs and ring dykes, and at the peak of the range is Mt Kaputar.

This popular national park reaches 1,510 metres above sea level and provides some magnificent views from the summit as well as a number of lookouts throughout the park.

The national park protects a variety of plant communities that include semi-arid woodlands, wet eucalypt forests and subalpine heaths. It also provides a haven for a number of threatened animal species and is renowned for a unique pink slug that often appears after rain. Eastern Grey Kangaroo call the park home and can usually be seen especially if you are staying at the cabins or camping overnight.

For more information visit the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service - Mount Kaputar National Park website.

Source: NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services - Mount Kaputar National Park.

Mount Kaputar National Park - Snapshots from Australia

Euglah Rock - Mount Kaputar National Park
Euglah Rock - Mount Kaputar National Park.

Views from the summit of Mount Kaputar
Views from the summit of Mount Kaputar.

Great Views from the Mount Kaputar
Great Views from the summit of Mount Kaputar.

Much enjoyed tea break from the top of Mount Kaputar
Much enjoyed tea break from the top of Mount Kaputar.
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